Women’s Leadership: Emancipation & Evolution

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For many years I’ve innately understood that the divine feminine power of women; that is women expressing our true nature of birthing, tending, nurturing, cultivating and co-creating is essential to heal the planet.

Now, I embrace this truth even more fervently.

With breakdowns in every sector of society, discord at the highest levels of governance, dysfunction within many of our institutions and systems that are no longer viable; are we choosing exploitation or emancipation? extinction or evolution?

Radical transformation is required to emancipate people and evolve our world. New paradigms of leadership, engagement and community are called for.

These times beckon, in fact demand women’s leadership, the re-emergence of the divine feminine with values of authenticity and equity; practices of co-creativity, cooperation, collaboration and community; a shared vision of relationship building, sustainability and justice for the highest good of the whole.

Although the patriarchy has caused pain for women and men, I’m not advocating that men be removed from positions of power, (although the #MeToo movement has begun to remove a few.)  However, I am saying that feminine leadership is imperative to restore balance and wholeness for the future of humanity, and in fact all sentient beings and the planet.

Therefore, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to co-create a new model of partnership, one that is life-affirming, equitable and inclusive.

  • What might a new model of partnership look like in governance at the local and national level?
  • How would business and commerce function in a world in which cooperation over competition, and equitable distribution of human and material resources is valued?
  • In what ways would a new model of feminine leadership transform our educational, health, economic and financial institutions?
  • What might we learn about equitably shared leadership for the good of the whole from the movie, Black Panther?

I invite you to step up and join in, so that we can co-create together. Our future depends on a shared commitment to health and wholeness for our planet, and all that is sustained upon and by our planet.

You are invited to participate in our next Soul’s Calling Tele-Class:


Women’s Leadership: Emancipation & Evolution

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 10am pacific, 1pm eastern

In community, we will explore and discuss:

  • Your definition of feminine leadership
  • Qualities and models of feminine leadership
  • Your voice and visibility as a leader
  • Role you want to play and contribution you can make
  • Next Steps

By the end of our community call, you will have more clarity about the potential and power of feminine leadership to transform our lives, shape our future as well as your call-to-action as a co-creator of radical transformation.

For more information and registration, go to:

Soul’s Calling Teleclass

Invite a friend or colleague to register and join us. Questions: harriet@thewrightresort.com I look forward to connecting and co-creating with you!


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