Will You Finish the Year Triumphantly?

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We have begun the final quarter of 2019. For those in the business world or government services, plans for the first quarter or first half of the (fiscal) year are already in place. This implies a review of wins and areas for improvement in the current calendar year.

For others, it means yikes, how has the year passed so quickly. I’ve not completed projects, achieved goals or resolved challenges. Therefore, with the remaining weeks of 2019, ask yourself:

  1. Toward what purpose must I focus my time and resources?
  2. What is my most urgent priority?
  3. How do I want to feel about myself, my process and projects on Dec. 31, 2019?
  4. In what way can I have a positive impact on my customers, clients and/or the world?

How does answering these queries make you feel? Panicked or Pissed? Relieved or Resolved?

Not only can you course-correct or bring closure to some of your projects, but you can also begin to establish your priorities or frame your commitments for the new year and beyond. Now ask yourself: 

  • What am I willing to be or do differently?
  • Is there something vital that I’ve been denying or postponing?
  • Do I feel compelled to get support or guidance to get back on track?

Although these questions are thought-provoking, I’m listening to my heart and soul to respond. I encourage you to do so as well.

Fulfilling your commitments can be challenging; staying in your comfort zone or maintaining familiar habits creates a false illusion of security. Holding yourself accountable and seeking the right help or support can make the difference between you falling short or succeeding.

At this time, you are called to Show Up, Stand Up, Step Up and Rise Up, in courageous, creative ways with like-hearted people to transform your challenges into inspiring opportunities on a personal and global level. You must co-create the world that you want for yourself, your children, grandchildren and seven generations beyond…It’s vital that we co-create it together now!

Allow me to support you to stay focused, maintain healthy boundaries, fulfill your commitments and cross the end-of-year finish line triumphantly. Together, let’s identify next steps to Your Soul Safari to Success with a Soul’s Calling Vision Session (SVCS). Learn more about benefits of this 45-minute phone SVCS and schedule at: https://wrightresort.simplybook.me/v2/#book

“It matters not whether you deem your experiences good, bad or ugly. Know they are the unfoldment of the Divine Plan that’s uniquely yours to fulfill. Furthermore, you have EVERYTHING necessary to fulfill it with creativity, joy, talent and love!”

 – Harriet Tubman Wright


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