When the Unexpected Overwhelms You

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Seize the opportunity to create unexpected solutions!

In recent weeks, I’ve been confronted with/deluged by a series of unexpected occurrences. Rather than get stuck in the “why me” victimhood mode, not to say that I didn’t go there, I just didn’t stay stuck there. Clearly, here was no choice but to deal with these unexpected occurrences/intrusions; the question was how?

From the outset, I affirmed divine right order and outcome. Then I chose to:

  1. Get quiet and listen to my inner guidance
  2. Share the challenge, rather than try to ‘figure it out’ alone
  3. Seek help from the appropriate people
  4. Explore options with whom I sought help
  5. Clarify what I could/must do and specific tasks others with the expertise could handle to help me
  6. Carry out the tasks and upon completion, celebrate
  7. Discover the lesson and see the good in the unexpected

And what occurred that was unexpected, discombobulating and outright frustrating?   

First, a pack of tiny moths threatened to overtake my space. After using commercial and natural methods to do away with the moths and larvae, a decision was made to dispose of the wool carpet. To do so required that I remove all my personal effects. Once the carpet was taken away, I swept and steam cleaned the floor. Then after incensing the space, I gradually restored my belongings, a little at a time, and put up more moth traps in the room and closet.

Lesson 1:  Do not ignore even the slightest indication of moths, as they constantly eat and reproduce. Use the least offensive yet most effective method to send them to their next life, immediately…

Lesson 2: Clearing out my personal effects enabled me to de-clutter, downsize, and re-organize my space! Feels and looks better!

Secondly, I received a mail audit letter from the IRS, stating that I owed them an exorbitant amount from returns filed over 3 years ago. I’ve never been audited! How dare they?

While employed, the more I made, the fewer taxes I paid
While retired, the less I make, the more they (try to) take!

After consulting my CPA, I gathered ‘proof of purchase’ documents that were easily accessible to me. Subsequently it was necessary to request annual statements from two banks, Comcast, PayPal and individuals with whom I had done business. Once received, all documents had to be organized by category with explanations of relevance to my business. Within 3 weeks of daily attention, I verified that business expenses reported on my return were valid and legitimate.

Although the entire process of gathering, reconciling, verifying, printing/copying (2.5 hours on one day) and checking the documents and calculations again took big chunks of my time, energy and focus, I was SO relieved to put the documents packet in priority mail to IRS, certified with return receipt requested. Of course only highest good is expected hereafter.

Lesson I: Keep records of expenditures accurate, up-to-date and accessible.

Lesson 2: Be kind, patient, and gracious with all you call on for help. When warranted, praise them for their excellent customer service.

Lastly, during this time, I was also dealing with the demands of an intense spiritual retreat and the transition of a very close friend.

In conclusion, when the unexpected overwhelms you, consider these fundamental and essential guidelines:

  • Maintain spiritual practices to stay grounded, centered and grateful
  • Focus on one designated task at a time and take refresh breaks
  • Exercise regularly with mind-body and cardio routines
  • Discover the lesson while also seeing the good in the challenge
  • Make time for fun—watching the Golden State Warriors Play-Offs was the best

Finally, know that this too shall pass. You’ll grow through it as you go through it and be fine!

Is there anything else you would add? 


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