Your Soul Yearns to Be Free!

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You and I have a divine purpose, a Soul’s Calling to be and do our best, sharing our unique brilliance, and doing what we most love in highest service to others. In this way, you and I live purposeful, passionate and powerful lives. We are fulfilled and free.

However, some of you spend a lifetime ignoring or not fulfilling your soul’s calling. You play small, settle for less, compromise your values or go along with the status quo. As a result, you may feel frustrated, resentful or angry because you’re not happy or fulfilled. It may take a crisis or series of challenges that break you down and plunge you into those dark nights of the soul. Your soul longs to be free!

As you awaken and accept that life is too short, not to express who you truly are, you’ll find yourself on a journey to search, explore and discover or remember your Soul’s Calling; that is what you’re on earth to be and do. In so doing, you reclaim:

  • yourself and your true nature
  • your purpose and passion
  • your light and joy
  • your power and freedom

Your journey can be enriched with the support of a teacher, mentor or coach, who can guide you to step into your greatness with clarity and courage to be all you’re meant to be and do. I invite you to journey forward with our complimentary Soul’s Calling tele-class:

Reduce Stress to Create Success

Thursday, October 5, 10:00am PST, 1:00pm EST

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The tele-class is free. However, you must register to receive the call-in number. Share this opportunity with a friend and join us. 

“When who you are and what you do expresses your soul’s calling, divine purpose and true nature, you are demonstrating bodymindspirit alignment, integrity and well-being.”

~ Harriet Tubman Wright


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