stress managementFor those of us who thought 2013 flew by fast, I suspect the pace of January 2014 affirmed that there is no slowing of the pace. To top that, we’ve entered the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Wood Horse. Whew!

For many of us, racing through life to “get ahead” isn’t feasible or sustainable, even though we may make significant progress or gains from time to time. This is helpful. However, when getting ahead gives way to getting a headache or worse a heart-ache, it’s time to re-assess. 

  • Where am I going and why?
  • Is this really my right path?
  • How is this activity serving me, my family, clients or community?
  • Am I truly listening to my inner guidance
  • What help or support do I need at this time? 

This necessary “re-assessment” time can be a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience, an accident or illness, or other “Wake-Up” call. It’s usually Spirit’s way of saying “Slow Down. Be Still. Stop.” 

When you find yourself at the re-assessment stage, consider one or all of these 3 suggestions:

  1. Take a Day Away. Spend quality time in nature to shift the energy, breathe fresh air and get a different perspective. Nature has so much to teach us when we avail ourselves to her wisdom.
  2. Make a Gratitude List. Keep writing until you get to 99 things you have to be grateful for…and you can probably name a few more. This changes our view of things.
  3. Lovingly Release. Determine what thoughts, things or people are keeping you stuck, confused or anxious. Lovingly release them and allow the open space to be free of encumbrances. Over time you’ll begin attracting positive empowering energy. 

These 3 suggestions are a great start and a great way to shift energy, so that what’s really essential for you becomes more clear and compelling.

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