Are You Ready for the Revolution? From the Inside, Out…

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New Year Blessings!

There’s no question that we want a different and better 2018; be it in health, relationships, livelihood, finances, contribution, world affairs, or…?  I definitely feel the potent energy for dynamic, meaningful social change now, founded on and fueled by the inner revolution.

Do you sense a major shift happening or about to happen?

In my mind, the revolution is happening, as evidenced by:

  • Systems and structures rooted in patriarchy; power over, rugged individualism and profit at any cost, challenged, breaking down and ultimately dissipating
  • Rising visibility, influence and leadership of women in every sector. Vitalizing re-emergence of the Divine Feminine to restore balance and harmony on the planet.
  • Growing momentum of local, national and global movements for social change, human rights, environmental justice and peace 

How else do you see the revolution happening?

Revolution is never easy, just necessary and often messy. We’re in the messy stage, and the most potent.

The Inner Revolution

At this time, I am more aware of and sensitive to my own inner quest and internal unrest. Yet, it’s a refreshing adventure, discovering and requiring me to be more authentic, intuitive, creative and courageous as I consciously reclaim my power as a woman, an elder, entrepreneur and change agent. Therefore, expressing my true power is honoring my Soul’s Calling, making it clear who I’m called to be, what I’m called to do.  With what are you answering the call?  How are you choosing to show up for the Revolution? Revolution is not defined by combat or warfare, but rather a shared vision, disciplined focus, collective action and the energy of love, light and laughter. Moreover, tools to prepare for and sustain the revolution include BodyMindSpirit practices such as:

  • Affirmative Prayer
  • Meditation, Mindfulness
  • Yoga, Tai Chi
  • Creativity, Expressive Arts
  • Vision-Boarding, Soul Collage
  • Self-Care
  • Mastermind Group, Circles
  • Coach, Mentor, Licensed Practitioner

As well as support from your ancestors, allies, and angels. What tools or resources do you use or would like to use? My commitment to express my true power in and for the revolution also includes releasing people and things that don’t support my highest intentions, with openness to hear/consider other points of view; active engagement with like-hearted individuals and groups; recognizing and utilizing the talents, skills and unique gifts of each, as we organize, strategize and mobilize to make real of our shared vision. Regardless of appearances, divine right order, action and outcome is indeed occurring. Our task is to see the good, learn the lesson and recharge our faith, creativity, positive energy and unconditional love. We are the Revolution we seek! Are you ready for the Revolution? 

Additional Resources:

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Complimentary Strategy Session


“Understand that with a clear vision, positive attitude and focused plan of action, a small group of committed individuals can transform the world; one family, one school, one business, one neighborhood, one city, one state and one region at a time, until a vibrant network of love, peace and justice envelops and sustains the planet.”

- Harriet Tubman Wright


  1. Kathleen

    Yes Harriet, I’m ready and so too are women and men all around the world who value feminism and equality. We are rising in ever increasing numbers!

  2. Carol Lorraine

    Cheers to you and your work Harriet! So needed right now especially! Thank you for your commitment.


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