Raising Our Voices and Visibility!

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The 2018 Oakland Women’s Rally and March was beautiful, inspiring and energizing! It represented a renewed commitment to women’s rights; voting, specifically getting progressive women elected at the local, state and national level; economic equity and environmental justice. The solidarity within cultural diversity was palpable; babies in strollers to elders in wheelchairs; provocative, funny, clever and spot-on signs…many stressed voting, aligning with dreamers, power to women, anti #45 and resistance messages, etc. Speaking Truth speeches with jamming poetry and hip-hop rhymes, plus a talented youth band that drew a big crowd, along with the bubble lady engaging many of the younger children, and definitely more men participated this year. There was something fun and motivational for everyone, particularly the calls to action at the local, state and national level. It was indeed a high vibration memorable day, reminding us that women are the present and we must all work together for social change, environmental justice, humane governance and peace.

  • Did you, friends or family members participate in a Women’s March?
  • How were you impacted whether marching or watching a newscast?
  • What are your priorities for positive change?
  • Are you wondering about what you could do?

What Now? What Next?

Voting is a priority this year. However, voting is more than going to the polls to voice your choice for a candidate or proposition. We also vote with other conscious, tangible, personal and collective actions, be it:

  • Challenging the status quo in your organization
  • Buying locally and seasonally
  • Giving food, clothes, toiletries, etc. to homeless residents
  • Serving on a local board or commission
  • Participating in a political campaign
  • Mentoring a young person
  • Co-Organizing a Peace Rally
  • Demonstrating leadership in your church or community
  • Working with an advocacy group
  • Encouraging colleagues to support a cause
  • Coalition-building for community empowerment
  • How Else?

I’m voting via my blogs, online dialogues, volunteer activities regarding senior housing and local school enhancements. I’m also experimenting with how best to use my creativity to inspire and empower more women to raise their voices and visibility; and together be catalysts for the change that helps heal humanity and the planet.

  • How are you voting?
  • In what ways do you want to create social change?
  • For what are you demonstrating your power?
  • What is your specific call to action?

 To explore these questions further within community, please join me for a Special Soul’s Calling Tele-Class:

Raising Your Voice and Visibility

Tuesday, February 13, 10am 3pm eastern

During the 1-hour call, we will dialogue about questions raised in this article. By the end of the dialogue, you will have more clarity about your Soul’s Call to Action and the contribution you can make to positive social change.

For more information and registration, go to:

Soul’s Calling Teleclass

I look forward to connecting with you. Questions? harriet@thewrightresort.com

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  1. Lynda Marin

    Harriet, I love this work that you are doing! It’s such a compelling integration of the social, the political, and the spiritual. It calls on each of us to find that integration in ourselves and MANIFEST it. I would love to be on this call with you but cannot because of my work schedule. I am sending my best imaginings of the richness and power of the work all of you on the call will do together.


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