Are You Progressing or Procrastinating
on Your Intentions, Dreams & Commitments?

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“Your dreams are your soul’s truth. Whether you have little or big dreams, trusting your heart and living your Soul’s Calling is essential to success.”
 – Harriet Tubman Wright

 My work with mature women continues to evolve from self-care to soul care; soul’s calling to social change. As a Coach, Speaker, Author, Change Agent and Metaphysician, I’m passionate about helping women live their purpose, manifest their dreams, fulfill their soul’s calling, and prosper doing what they most love. When we do, we are true to our heart; expressing our essence and sharing our gifts in conscious ways that uplift our energy and those we serve. There is no better feeling than the joy of doing what we most love; the passion of serving others; creating positive, powerful and prosperous outcomes for highest good, and the deep fulfillment of leaving a legacy of fruitful contribution!

As you know, we’re quickly approaching mid-year! This is an ideal time to review, regroup and renew your efforts to fulfill intentions you set at the beginning of this year.

  • What are 3 priority intentions that you set for yourself?
  • How are you progressing on your commitments?
  • In what way(s) are you doing what you most love?
  • How do you feel when you reflect on your work in the world?
  • What would be most helpful to keep you on track to manifest your dreams?

One of the strategies that has been particularly helpful keeping me focused on fulfilling my priorities and commitments is writing out monthly intentions and working with a mastermind group to help hold me accountable. I enjoy being able to check off completed tasks, revise time-lines, generate new intentions and celebrate progress!

According to Lena Stevens of, the main themes for June 2018 are Discipline and Follow-Through. In other words, it’s the optimum time to be proactive, take responsibility and make it happen. I would also encourage you to:

  • Release judgment
  • Follow your intuition
  • Maintain healthy boundaries
  • Take quality time out to renew yourself
  • Accept appropriate support

If you’d like support moving forward, please schedule a complimentary Soul’s Calling Vision Session at: This is a 45-minute phone session to clarify issues, shift perspectives and transform stumbling blocks to stepping stones. Allow me to help you shine, soar and succeed! Now is YOUR time!

“Allow buried dreams to be re-birthed through you, so that you are fully renewed in purpose and passion; fully aligned in bodymindspirit and fully alive in all your magic and magnificence!”  – Harriet Tubman Wright

 What will you do now to refocus your energy and attention to ensure a fulfilling and fruitful remainder of the year?

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