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When I retired from the public service sector, seeking to operate The Wright Resort on a full-time basis, I faced a steep learning curve through unfamiliar terrain; sales, marketing, social media, networking and revenue generation. New terminology, new technologies and new relationships characterized my entry into solo-entrepreneurship.

January 2018 marked 10 years in business full-time, as Director of The Wright Resort, a BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center, dedicated to Social Consciousness and Feminine Leadership to evolve people and the planet. I’m helping creative women career professionals and solo-preneurs use their talents, gifts and skills to fulfill their Soul’s Calling, step into their power and prosper doing what they most love as leaders to transform businesses, workplaces, communities and the world. BodyMindSpirit self-care practices with spiritual activism and conscious action tools are being utilized to support mature women to be and confidently become the change they seek, within themselves and the world. In doing so, they co-create a new paradigm of feminine power and conscious social change.  Learn More 

If anyone had told me that being in business for myself was a spiritual journey, and that I was embarking on the next phase of my personal and professional evolution, I would not have initially understood. However, having been tested, stretched, challenged, strengthened and compelled to “grow” in every aspect of my life, I now understand that The Wright Resort has evolved based on my own spiritual and creative evolution, and thus programs and services are flowing from self-care to soul care to social change, incorporating elements of spiritual activism, expressive arts and community building.

Now for a few lessons:

  1. Be authentic, vulnerable, compassionate and loving with yourself and your clients/customers.
  2. Be willing to stretch beyond comfort, familiarity and routine. Be willing to risk new learning, so that you can up-level your skill-set and offerings based on your increased capacity to “grow” your clients/customers.
  3. Be clear about your expertise solving a specific problem that your ideal client is willing to invest in solving. Become recognized as an expert and authority for your unique brilliance.
  4. Be focused on breakthroughs and benefits that you facilitate for and with your ideal clients/customers. Establish fees based on the “value” of the transformation that you facilitate; the methodology is secondary.
  5. Be willing to invest in a support team of paid and volunteer assistants who can handle routine, clerical or project-specific tasks that free you up to share your valuable expertise with clients/customers.
  6. Be open to collaborating with partners whose client base is similar and skill-set is complementary with yours, so that you create a win-win-win arrangement that optimizes value to clients/customers and revenues to you.
  7. Be vigilant about investing in and retaining a coach or mentor that keeps you accountable, stretching and growing, so that you excel beyond self-imposed limitations to be and do the best in highest service to yourself and your clients/customers.

These lessons are applicable if you’re an entrepreneur, career professional, community leader or volunteer. Based on your experience, what lessons would you add?

Moving on Up

As many of you know, I’ve been celebrating my birthday throughout April, making quality time to review achievements and set intentions. I’m so excited and grateful that I already have visions for celebrating my 70th birthday in 2019! And, I’m establishing a birthday account at the credit union!

If you’d like to join me…and I hope you do, please share your ideas, suggestions, resources and contacts. Let’s make it a global affair!

“Use what you know to grow and circulate the flow of greater good in life.”
– Harriet Tubman Wright


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    Harriet I love the idea of a birthday account. It’s such a tangible way of putting value into the growth of ourselves, preparing to celebrate another rotation and the opportunity that brings us to deepen and expand.

    One suggestion: Let the testimonials on the left hand side cycle a little bit slower if possible. It may be my slow reading, but they are paced so that I have to push to get to the end before I can really let them sink in. And they are so great!


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