woman walking country pathIn my book, Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity, A BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Primer for Busy Women, I state that: “Self-care is not selfish. In fact, it’s a requirement. Self-care is the mindset of: ‘I love myself enough to take care of myself first.’”  In doing so, you lovingly prepare yourself to serve and support your family, clients, customers and community from a place of wholeness and balance.

When who you are and what you do expresses your divine purpose and passion to empower those you serve, and you are fulfilled by the fruits of your service, you are demonstrating BodyMindSpirit alignment, integrity and well-being.

Stress happens when one or more components of your BodyMindSpirit are out of sync, alignment or balance.

To manage stress, it’s important to maintain healthy boundaries. A healthy boundary is equivalent to staying in your lane. A healthy boundary is clean, simple, orderly. It is having focus, flexibility and faith. On a personal level, that could be:

  • Please don’t disturb me now. This is Mom’s self-care time. I will give you my full attention as soon as I finish meditating, soaking in the tub, taking my nature walk.
  •  Saying “No, No Thank You, or No, Not at this Time”, when appropriate, without apology, guilt or shame.
  • Honey, remember, Thursday is ‘Girls Night Out’ for me. You’re on your own with the kids for dinner tonight. 

Being successful in business requires that you focus priority quality time on revenue-generating activities such as sales and service calls; program launches; marketing or direct client service delivery with up-sells. Please note that writing your ezine, engaging with social media and networking activities are building relationships that may or may not generate revenue. Therefore, maintaining healthy boundaries for a healthy business and applying the principles of clean, simple, orderly could be 1 or more of these 3 Tips: 

  1. Allocate two or three set times/day to respond to emails and do social media posts. Establish a time-frame. For example, 30 minutes at 11am and 30 minutes at 4pm. Do not engage with emails outside the set times, because it pulls you into other people’s agendas and often siphons your energy from directly serving clients!
  2. Designate specific days for specific tasks in 60-90-minute intervals. For example, Tues and Thurs mornings are devoted to Sales Calls and Coaching Clients, while Mon and Thurs afternoons, I devote to marketing.  It’s a very helpful guideline and discipline that keeps me focused and in the flow long enough to complete one priority task as a time, rather than multi-tasking.
  3. Hire a Virtual Assistant, Student Intern or Business Mentee to handle routine administrative tasks or specialized tasks such as market research, tech support, scheduling client appointments, or business-related shopping. Having business support on a part-time, full-time or special event basis is vital! 

You’re putting these or similar healthy boundaries in place to free yourself up to be and do what you do best, that is sharing your unique brilliance, creativity, and expertise with clients, helping solve their problems and relieve their pain.

Stick to Your Schedule, one day and one week at a time. Be Consistent. Remember to stay in your lane and keep it clean, simple, orderly.  Over time, you’ll develop the discipline to stick with it, especially when you see that doing so helps you serve more clients and generate more revenue.

Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA Phenomenal Life Empowerment Author, Speaker, Coach is Founding Director of The Wright Resort, A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center, through which she empowers mature women entrepreneurs and managers to unleash their true essence and unique brilliance so they become vibrant, passionate, prosperous leaders transforming people and the planet. Her book Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity, A BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Primer for Busy Women is available at: https://www.thewrightresort.com/book/