Healthy Strategies to Cope during Tumultuous Times

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  • How would you describe the past 6-8 months?
  • What has changed for you during that time?
  • For what can you take conscious action now? 

The accelerating pace of change is unsettling. Regardless of your allegiance, widening polarity between political rivals is alarming. For young and old, uncertainty about finances, health, housing and livelihood is growing.

How are you to deal with these stresses and regain your balance?  

Strategies and anchors that I find particularly helpful:

  • Maintain Spiritual Practices to Stay Grounded and Centered

Prayer, Meditation, Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi are practices that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.  These anchors help you manage and minimize stress, and generate a greater sense of balance and harmony.  In spite of the demands on your time and energy, you can experience peace of mind when you make spiritual practices a priority.

What spiritual practice keeps you steady and calm?

  • Engage in Regular Exercise

We know that some kind of daily exercise is essential for good health. Cardio workouts are great, especially when you’re angry, frustrated and feel you can’t take it anymore. Do some kick-boxing or karate jabs. Play one of your favorite party jams and boogie down. Swim laps or join a zuumba class. Or simply power-walk at a comfortable pace. Team up with a partner for tennis, racquetball or golf!  Any of these workouts will shift your energy. My favorite workout is hula-hooping because regardless of how I feel when I start, I’m laughing by the time I’ve finished!

How did you exercise today?

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal

Although I have been journaling for years, keeping a gratitude journal is an empowering practice. Yes, you can certainly be shaken up, worried or even pissed off about the news, the commute, the weather, your boss or spouse.  And, you can always find something for which to be grateful; you woke up this morning, from a comfortable bed, with a roof over your head. You got a bargain deal on something that you’ve wanted or needed. Someone complimented you on a suggestion you made, or the way you handled a challenging situation. You and your family arrived home safely. Expressing gratitude not only shifts your perspective, it generates more to be grateful for!

Name at least 3 things for which you are grateful today. 

  • Ask for Help.

Call on your prayer partner, accountability buddy or coach. They can listen without judgment, help you consider options or offer a different outlook. In turn, be willing to help someone else. In the process of supporting them to problem-solve, you are also likely to see things differently for yourself.

Who might you call on for help?

  • Join a local movement.

Earlier this year, I joined a cross-cultural, multi-generational group engaged in peaceful efforts to challenge systems of inequity and polarization, and secondly utilize communication strategies to diplomatically engage with the presumed “other.” It is an empowering work in progress that can ultimately lead to community-building and positive change from the ground up. It has been a very stimulating coping strategy!

What local organization or group would you join to contribute to positive social change during these challenging times?

  • What strategy are you willing to incorporate in your life now?
  • Would you share other healthy strategies to cope during tumultuous times in the comments section?
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 “Your vision of what’s possible and your desire to make it happen must be bigger than your fear.” – Harriet Tubman Wright


  1. Christine Evans

    Hi Harriet-
    Taking a moment on this 4th of July to read your email and feel gratitude for you and your work in the world. Such helpful reminders for us all. I’m imagining your offerings are gaining more and more momentum in your community and the world. I see you continuing to follow the beauty and integrity of your vision & heart’s calling… inspiring many to do the same. Many blessings, dear one!

    • Harriet Tubman Wright

      Thank you so much Christine. I appreciate your kind words. I trust that all is well with you, your work and family!


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