Tumultuous Times – Graceful Endings and Grateful Beginnings

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We live in tumultuous times! For those who are aware of celestial phenomena, the recent Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse coupled with the Mercury Retrograde cycle created big shifts personally and collectively!

These formidable shifts affect us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I’m encouraged that deep transformation compels us to:

  • Acknowledge our pain, anger and inner wounding, so that it can be surfaced and healed
  • Assess who we are and what we’re doing, then re-focus our time and talents on what’s most important
  • Accept those people, things and conditions that we must release, to clear negative energy and experience greater good.

I’m also encouraged by the perception that these all-encompassing shifts are a harbinger and consequence of ascension; that is, humans are evolving into a new frequency and higher vibration, with the transcendent consciousness to transmute darkness into light, heal ourselves and our planet.

Therefore, as you contemplate your own evolution, consider: 

  1. How am I fulfilling my highest intentions?
  2. In what ways am I using my gift and talents in highest service to others?
  3. How am I channeling my creativity for highest good?
  4. In what ways am I growing into my highest level of soulful expression and contribution?

Navigating These Times with Grace, Ease and Gratitude

To maintain peace of mind, we’re advised to: 

  • Be present, compassionate, flexible and patient with one another
  • Stay conscious, grounded, centered and focused
  • Be mindful, open and willing to allow the right and perfect outcome

I’m choosing to be more prayerful, playful and patient, up-leveling my BodyMindSpirit Self-Care priorities, so that each day I:

  1. Spend quality time in nature
  2. Practice mindfulness and meditation
  3. Indulge in creative expression
  4. Practice gratitude and celebration
  5. Tune into my heart and soul, simply to quietly listen

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Each day is a turning point for fresh beginnings; to turn to something new, promising, fulfilling. Every experience brings with it wisdom, transformation and growth, as well as endings and beginnings.

Reach out, connect and join in to make the most of our new endings and new beginnings!

“Every good thing comes to some kind of end, and then the really good things come to a beginning again.” – Cory Doctorow 

How do you feel about the transformational shifts that are occurring?  In what ways are you growing through these evolutionary times? Please share with us in the comments section below.



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