Tapping into the Magical Energy of Cruise Vacations to Rejuvenate BodyMindSpirit

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– Part 1

As some of you know, I recently convened The Wright Resort Phenomenal Life Empowerment Cruise to the Caribbean, October 27 – November 3. Close to a dozen people participated in a beautiful, empowering and life-affirming experience that provided a taste of The Phenomenal Life; a BodyMindSpirit immersion that combined the benefits of an Empowerment Salon with the amenities of a luxury cruise liner, Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam and the adventures of our excursions to Grand Turks; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands; and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.

In my next few blogs, I’m sharing select highlights, not only to offer an insider perspective on some of the power, magic and joy of the experience, but to demonstrate why self-care is so vital and how a cruise vacation is a delightful form of self-care par excellence! 

Connecting Face to Face

Although we had engaged in two Group Empowerment Calls prior to the Cruise and were all from the San Francisco Bay Area, we didn’t actually all meet together until we boarded the Nieuw Amsterdam in Ft. Lauderdale. Part of our initial orientation to the ship was an Emergency Drill that required us to report to assigned stations on the 3rd floor promenade deck. Not only did we have a name and room roll call, but explicit instructions were provided about the proper use of a life jacket and life boats hoisted above our heads, boats that would be lowered for us to climb into during an actual emergency….a sobering and necessary order of business.

Harriet Tubman-WrightThereafter, we were released to continue initial unpacking and touring of the ship. While several cruise ships were embarking from the same port, I was fortunate to discover the Silk Den on the 11th floor; an intimate and royally adorned Asian – décor lounge, dripping purple and gold, dimly-lit lanterns with a panoramic view of the entire port plus the ocean. One of our group members joined me and we nestled into the comfy plush chairs and watched each cruise liner sail out over glistening waters as the sun set. Now, I knew I was in the right place at the right time to be elegantly and royally initiated into the Phenomenal Life.

Once our own ship pulled away from the port, we went straight to the Greenhouse Spa where I encouraged staff to provide a tour. Totally impressive and a very easy “Yes” to the Greenhouse Retreat and Pool Package. Self-care being my priority, I already knew where I’d be spending my time, in the hydrotherapy pool and on the thermal tile lounge chairs viewing the ocean daily! Totally indulgent relaxation for the stressed, fatigued or weary traveler, open to another taste of The Phenomenal Life!  And needless to say, my second favorite spot on the cruise!

Word had gone out to our group to meet for dinner in the Main Dining Room, which is the point that we all met face to face for the first time, a rendez-vous characterized by excitement, relief, joyful anticipation coupled with first class service and a sumptuous array of dining options. After introductions and socializing, I reminded everyone that we’d convene our first on-the-cruise Empowerment Salon the next morning in the Stuyvesant Room, conveniently situated on the 3rd floor, just past the Signature Shops with attire, accessories, jewelry, souvenirs and sundries….They were asked to bring the Evolving and Embracing The Phenomenal Life Cultivating a Legacy of Empowerment & Enrichment Tool-Kit, their journal, an item for the Altar and an open mind and heart.

The Empowerment Salon

IMG_4259To summarize, we circled, invoked, stretched, placed our objects and symbols of The Phenomenal Life on the altar, and dived into lively interactive discussion about the qualities and characteristics of The Phenomenal Life, exploring ways that we are or are not living The Phenomenal Life, and choosing what we may want to release or embrace to embody more of the qualities we want to experience. Salon members were asked to engage in Conscious Observation; that is while on the cruise and on the island excursions to look for, journal about and reflect on examples of The Phenomenal Life; to consider ways that anything they observed or experienced could become incorporated into their life and finally to consider how might it make a difference in their life….

As each person removed their altar item, they selected an Angel Card…of course each one perfect and relevant for the recipient. All in all, a beautiful mutually supportive bonding experience that continued to grow throughout the week.

As this was our first day at sea, everyone was able to engage in the activities that appealed to them or those they were simply curious about; and there were myriad choices from Digital Workshops, Culinary Arts classes, Reflexology, Acupuncture & De-Tox Classes, of course the Casino, Art Auctions, First Class Entertainment each night, plus after hour partying with Show Host Jazzy, including Junior and his Steel Drumming poolside each day.



You don’t have to guess where I went, that’s right, the spa!

IMG_4265This was also the first formal night. Needless to say the transformation from swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts and sandals to dress-up attire was actually fun….the ship’s photographers were everywhere, capturing the glamour, unique styles and big smiles.





An awesome start and delicious taste of The Phenomenal Life…to be continued…



Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Balance – Part 1

Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Balanceby Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA

Healthy Boundaries are thoughts, words and actions grounded in principles of self-care. When we make self-care a priority; that is a mindset of, “I love myself enough to take care of myself first.” it’s easier to establish healthy boundaries.

Self-care is essential because when we’re feeling overwhelmed or over-extended, it helps minimize undue stress, potential burnout or illness.

Self-care prepares us to serve and support others, such as family, colleagues and clients from a wellspring of vitality and vigor.

Self-care positions us to recharge our batteries so that refreshed and renewed, we can fully share our gifts. 

5 Principles of Healthy Boundaries

  1. Maintain alignment, balance and circulation in BodyMindSpirit through exercise, sound nutrition and proper rest.
  2. Ensure that your external environment supports healthy boundaries by avoiding clutter and maintaining order and organization.
  3. Take regular refresh breaks away from your computer to move your body, breathe fresh air outdoors and get a different perspective. You’ll be more clear-headed and more productive when you take refresh breaks to renew yourself.
  4. Learn when and how to say, “No”, “No thank you” or “No, not at this time” without guilt, shame or apology.
  5. Know what you’re responsible for, what’s yours to do and stay in your lane. Avoid trying to do or control what is NOT your responsibility, job or task.

For some, this may feel or sound harsh.  However, when we take care of ourselves first and model healthy boundaries, we’re better aligned, balanced, and focused, enabling us to serve and share our gifts from a spirit of optimal health and well-being.

Learn more tips, tools, strategies and processes to maintain or enhance your health and well-being from Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity A BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Primer for Busy Women by Harriet Tubman Wright, at: https://www.thewrightresort.com/book/



Are You Fulfilling Your Intentions This Year?

vision signMoving through September into the final quarter of the year, have you assessed your progress, challenges and wins?  In reviewing progress these questions emerge:



  • Have I met my milestones?
  • Do I need to adjust my priorities?
  • What new opportunities am I integrating into my Final Quarter Action Plan?
  • How can I ensure my success? 

As a result of assessing progress, I’ve noticed that I can be easily distracted by “other people’s agendas.”  Furthermore, when I:

  1. Honor what’s most important to me by focusing my time, energy and resources on my priorities I’m more productive and prosperous.
  2. Maintain healthy boundaries and spend quality time on creating and marketing programs, I feel more energized and optimistic.
  3. Stay focused on one project at a time to completion, or at least to a measurable, tangible outcome, I’m closer to fulfilling my intention

One of the things I recognize with many people is that:

  1. Carrying out your commitments can be challenging
  2. Staying in your comfort zone or maintaining familiar habits provides a false illusion of security
  3. Seeking the right help or support can make the difference between tolerating average or ordinary and joyfully fulfilling intentions

As you contemplate your progress and priorities:

  • Do you work with an Accountability Partner?
  • Are you part of a bi-weekly or monthly Mastermind Group?
  • Is investing in a Coach or Mentor an option for you? 

Recognizing that most of us benefit from on-going guidance and support, especially when seeking to stretch beyond your comfort zone to begin or complete a new intention or project, I’ve created an Action-Accountability-Accelerator Program to support you to honor your priorities, maintain healthy boundaries, stay focused and cross the end-of-year finish line triumphantly:


Moving from Mediocre to Magnificent
Radiating & Cultivating the MAGNIFICENT You
Right Action to Maximize Your Results

A 3-Month Group Coaching Program
Beginning October 2013 

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This 3-Month Group Coaching Program is limited to 7 people. It will be highly focused, fast-paced, stimulating and fun. However, YOU are expected to make the commitment and be responsible to do the work. When you do, in partnership with me, you’ll be richly rewarded! You cross the end-of-the-year finish line victoriously and begin the New Year energized, empowered and triumphant!

If you’re honestly ready to radiate the Magnificent YOU, please contact: harriet@thewrightresort.com to schedule your interview. If you are accepted into this Group Coaching Program, I’ll share details of the program investment and schedule.



Treat yourself to this growth, empowerment and fulfillment opportunity TODAY!

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Is Neglecting Your Soul Causing Your Stress?

In a world where stress, frustration and overwhelm characterize the environment that many people inhabit, I often wonder why it’s tolerated. Why do some people settle for, accept and even create circumstances in which they function in ordinary, average, mediocre ways.

And, how do some other people rise above the norm, aiming higher and demonstrating excellence, freedom and peace.

tulips and eggIn my work with mature women entrepreneurs and managers who feel undervalued, unappreciated and stressed, I’ve concluded that a fundamental cause of stress is not knowing and/or accepting your soul’s yearning, your divine purpose.

Not honoring that deep inner desire, the creative impulse, your true calling denies you and the world your greatest gift(s).

Imagine the seed that is never planted and not allowed to fulfill its innate purpose to grow, into a flower or food?

Imagine the egg that is not nurtured to maturity so that a new life is brought forth?

Imagine a world without the (r)evolutionary pioneers, artists, scientists, educators, leaders and other cultural creatives who by expressing their soul’s calling, sharing their unique brilliance, and making profound contributions uplift humanity in myriad ways?

Imagine living your life with the seed of genius and magnificence dormant, never realized or fulfilled?

I believe and know that if you’re not radiating your brilliance and magnificence, you are stressed…and it’s showing up in body, mind, spirit…relationships, finances, work. I also believe and know that you have the power to make different choices.

What are you choosing?

How do you want your life to be different?

Is there a dream or desire within you that wants to be fulfilled?

Let’s explore your options in a complimentary Seeding Success Strategy Session.


harriet@thewrightresort.com   to schedule your session.



Your Vision of What’s Possible

Your vision of what’s possible and your desire to make it happen must be bigger than your fear.” ~Harriet Tubman Wright

Many of us live our lives hovering at mediocrity, accepting mediocre results as good enough.

Some of us move through life slowly and steadfastly, content with getting by, assuming that eventually we’ll achieve our goals.

A few of us leap forward, consciously moving beyond our comfort zone to experience “more” of what life has to offer and we create opportunities to live life to the fullest.

  • Where do you stand?
  • Would mediocre or magnificent best describe you?
  • Are you sitting somewhere between stuck and soaring?
  • Is life calling you to be or do more at this time?

No worries. Wherever you are in your life is where you’re supposed to be, because whatever you’re experiencing is a direct demonstration of your thoughts and beliefs.

Change your thoughts. Change your life.

“Every thought we think is creating our future.”       ~Louise L. Hay

If you’re ready to release limiting or false beliefs that keep you struggling, and instead create empowering beliefs and behaviors that lead to a more fulfilling life, I’m offering two options to support you to move from limitation to liberation.

Option 1 – Seeding Success Strategy Session (SSSS) – a 45-minute phone call to clarify the issues that frustrate or overwhelm you; identify the obstacles that keep you stressed or stuck; and explore the possibilities for creating more empowering results to live a healthy, wealthy life of fulfillment, peace and joy.

The SSSS facilitates clarity, motivation, commitment and action. Prospective clients have said that it helps them see their challenges differently and feel empowered to overcome or resolve them.

Schedule your SSSS for July at: harriet@thewrightresort.com

Option 2 – The Wright Resort Phenomenal Life Empowerment Cruise to the Caribbean, Oct 27 – Nov 3, 2013

Experience a taste of the Phenomenal Life by joining us today for The Wright Resort Phenomenal Life Empowerment Cruise to the Caribbean. This BodyMindSpirit immersion to evolve your health and wealth can’t be experienced anywhere else! It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be pampered, empowered, rejuvenated and restored…and more!

This Empowerment Cruise combines the benefits of an empowerment salon and the amenities of a luxury cruise with the delightful adventure of exotic Turks and Caicos; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas!

Learn more and Register now at: thewrightresortphenomenallifecruisecaribbean.com/

Allow us to support you to discover and enjoy your vision of what’s possible.

Your Soul’s Yearning….Are You Listening?

When we’re attracted to something, the attraction stirs something within our soul’s yearning for connection to Spirit, Love, Peace, Joy…Possibility.  And yet, many of us quickly complicate or negate this simple, natural impulse for something different or better, by creating excuses and stories.

These excuses and stories are undergirded by false or limiting beliefs.  Without a spiritual, mental or emotional override that stops the “Oh, I can’t possibly be, do or have that”, or worse,” I’m not really good enough to or I don’t really deserve to…” mind chatter, we stay stuck in lack & limitation beliefs, behaviors and results.

Ultimately, this does not feel very good, (even though it may feel familiar.)

fruits health

Lack & limitation, or what I call “enslavement” programming runs deep; it’s cellular, ancestral, generational.  Yet, it is not inevitable or eternal! The Truth is that it’s a choice…a choice to play small, stay stuck or keep struggling.

Although we each have our spiritual traditions and unique spiritual path, it is intended that we flourish and experience lives of freedom and fulfillment.  In other words, it is the Creator’s intention and pleasure that we enjoy and share the fruits, of what I call the Phenomenal Life.

If in fact you can choose to prosper, and be free and fulfilled by living your divine purpose and passion, what are you waiting for?

May I offer some options for your consideration?

  • What does the Phenomenal Life mean to you?
  • Are you ready and willing to experience more empowering results?
  • Is it time to invest in yourself and accept support to be free?

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m offering three complimentary Seeding Success Strategy Sessions ($$$$ ), (valued at $197 each)for three people. The $$$$ will be convened only between May 13 and 15.  I highly encourage you to claim one now!  Learn more here:  Seeding Success Strategy Sessions and reserve your $$$$ today!