How Do You Want To Be Known and Remembered?

How Do You Want To Be Known and Remembered?

As many of you know, I recently celebrated my birthday. Consequently, I’ve been reflecting on my past and contemplating my future.


Specifically, I’m pondering my relationship with and responsibility to my ancestors. Not only do I stand on their shoulders, in truth I am my ancestors. Thus, these questions come to mind:

  • How am I bringing their dreams to fruition?
  • In what ways am I taking their triumphs to the next level, or transforming their shortcomings into lessons for guidance and growth?
  • How can I be more of what I’ve been created to be?
  • In what ways am I paying it forward?

Given where you are in your life, how would you answer these questions?

Although I’ve not yet come to specific answers, I’m clear that my ancestors did the best they could under the circumstances and in spite of the conditions in which they lived. At this stage I’m also doing the best I can, but without a doubt I can be and do better. In fact, I feel compelled to do so!


As I contemplate my future, the issue of legacy is uppermost in my mind. What is Legacy?

In general, we think of legacy as something handed down from an ancestor, something tangible or intangible passed on from one generation to the next; money and/or property a person leaves behind in their will. However, I believe that you create your legacy from the beginning of your life; by who, what and how you are. It usually isn’t until later in life though that most people think about legacy more consciously.

In countries or cultures in which a baby is given a name with a specific meaning, their name may shape their purpose or destiny, or what is expected of them based on the family or community. When a child expresses an interest or talent in a particular activity, if given the opportunity to develop it, that may become the person’s legacy.

Legacy Building

Consciously creating your legacy with intention, clarity and joy is essential, particularly if you feel you have more skills to share or gifts to give.

  • What are you creating, contributing or producing that may become your legacy?
  • Is there something else you feel called to be or do at this time?
  • What are you leaving, not only for your family or those you serve, but for the world?
  • Is there one thing on your bucket list that you must do? If so, what is it? 

Like help to explore these questions further, consider options and next steps?

If so, sign up for a complimentary Soul’s Calling Vision Session

Some Ways That I Want To Be Remembered

I am a lifelong learner, spiritual sojourner and cultural creative who values freedom, justice, peace. Therefore, I’d like to be remembered as:

The spiritual, creative, sensitive, wise woman who generously shared her divinely-given talents, skills and gifts, lived her Soul’s Calling through The Wright Resort, helping women Fuel Up, Step Up, Rise Up as leaders, visionaries and change agents to restore balance, peace and justice to heal humanity and the planet.

And when I evolve to the next level, I want the Ancestors to say:

Welcome Home, Our Beloved
Pure is your heart, you’ve done your part
Your assignment is complete,
And your Light shines Bright!
Well done, Harriet, well done!

How do you want to be remembered?

“It’s a great blessing to know your true self, realize your soul’s calling, fulfill your life’s purpose and create a fruitful legacy.”  – Harriet Tubman Wright

*Please note that May 1 is an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival and traditional spring holiday in some cultures. May Day is also International Workers’ Day. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and Older Americans Month!

Metamorphosis, Memories and Milestones Lessons along the Way…

When I retired from the public service sector, seeking to operate The Wright Resort on a full-time basis, I faced a steep learning curve through unfamiliar terrain; sales, marketing, social media, networking and revenue generation. New terminology, new technologies and new relationships characterized my entry into solo-entrepreneurship.

January 2018 marked 10 years in business full-time, as Director of The Wright Resort, a BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center, dedicated to Social Consciousness and Feminine Leadership to evolve people and the planet. I’m helping creative women career professionals and solo-preneurs use their talents, gifts and skills to fulfill their Soul’s Calling, step into their power and prosper doing what they most love as leaders to transform businesses, workplaces, communities and the world. BodyMindSpirit self-care practices with spiritual activism and conscious action tools are being utilized to support mature women to be and confidently become the change they seek, within themselves and the world. In doing so, they co-create a new paradigm of feminine power and conscious social change.  Learn More 

If anyone had told me that being in business for myself was a spiritual journey, and that I was embarking on the next phase of my personal and professional evolution, I would not have initially understood. However, having been tested, stretched, challenged, strengthened and compelled to “grow” in every aspect of my life, I now understand that The Wright Resort has evolved based on my own spiritual and creative evolution, and thus programs and services are flowing from self-care to soul care to social change, incorporating elements of spiritual activism, expressive arts and community building.

Now for a few lessons:

  1. Be authentic, vulnerable, compassionate and loving with yourself and your clients/customers.
  2. Be willing to stretch beyond comfort, familiarity and routine. Be willing to risk new learning, so that you can up-level your skill-set and offerings based on your increased capacity to “grow” your clients/customers.
  3. Be clear about your expertise solving a specific problem that your ideal client is willing to invest in solving. Become recognized as an expert and authority for your unique brilliance.
  4. Be focused on breakthroughs and benefits that you facilitate for and with your ideal clients/customers. Establish fees based on the “value” of the transformation that you facilitate; the methodology is secondary.
  5. Be willing to invest in a support team of paid and volunteer assistants who can handle routine, clerical or project-specific tasks that free you up to share your valuable expertise with clients/customers.
  6. Be open to collaborating with partners whose client base is similar and skill-set is complementary with yours, so that you create a win-win-win arrangement that optimizes value to clients/customers and revenues to you.
  7. Be vigilant about investing in and retaining a coach or mentor that keeps you accountable, stretching and growing, so that you excel beyond self-imposed limitations to be and do the best in highest service to yourself and your clients/customers.

These lessons are applicable if you’re an entrepreneur, career professional, community leader or volunteer. Based on your experience, what lessons would you add?

Moving on Up

As many of you know, I’ve been celebrating my birthday throughout April, making quality time to review achievements and set intentions. I’m so excited and grateful that I already have visions for celebrating my 70th birthday in 2019! And, I’m establishing a birthday account at the credit union!

If you’d like to join me…and I hope you do, please share your ideas, suggestions, resources and contacts. Let’s make it a global affair!

“Use what you know to grow and circulate the flow of greater good in life.”
– Harriet Tubman Wright


Women’s Leadership: Emancipation & Evolution

For many years I’ve innately understood that the divine feminine power of women; that is women expressing our true nature of birthing, tending, nurturing, cultivating and co-creating is essential to heal the planet.

Now, I embrace this truth even more fervently.

With breakdowns in every sector of society, discord at the highest levels of governance, dysfunction within many of our institutions and systems that are no longer viable; are we choosing exploitation or emancipation? extinction or evolution?

Radical transformation is required to emancipate people and evolve our world. New paradigms of leadership, engagement and community are called for.

These times beckon, in fact demand women’s leadership, the re-emergence of the divine feminine with values of authenticity and equity; practices of co-creativity, cooperation, collaboration and community; a shared vision of relationship building, sustainability and justice for the highest good of the whole.

Although the patriarchy has caused pain for women and men, I’m not advocating that men be removed from positions of power, (although the #MeToo movement has begun to remove a few.)  However, I am saying that feminine leadership is imperative to restore balance and wholeness for the future of humanity, and in fact all sentient beings and the planet.

Therefore, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to co-create a new model of partnership, one that is life-affirming, equitable and inclusive.

  • What might a new model of partnership look like in governance at the local and national level?
  • How would business and commerce function in a world in which cooperation over competition, and equitable distribution of human and material resources is valued?
  • In what ways would a new model of feminine leadership transform our educational, health, economic and financial institutions?
  • What might we learn about equitably shared leadership for the good of the whole from the movie, Black Panther?

I invite you to step up and join in, so that we can co-create together. Our future depends on a shared commitment to health and wholeness for our planet, and all that is sustained upon and by our planet.

You are invited to participate in our next Soul’s Calling Tele-Class:


Women’s Leadership: Emancipation & Evolution

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 10am pacific, 1pm eastern

In community, we will explore and discuss:

  • Your definition of feminine leadership
  • Qualities and models of feminine leadership
  • Your voice and visibility as a leader
  • Role you want to play and contribution you can make
  • Next Steps

By the end of our community call, you will have more clarity about the potential and power of feminine leadership to transform our lives, shape our future as well as your call-to-action as a co-creator of radical transformation.

For more information and registration, go to:

Soul’s Calling Teleclass

Invite a friend or colleague to register and join us. Questions: I look forward to connecting and co-creating with you!

Are You Ready for the Revolution? From the Inside, Out…

New Year Blessings!

There’s no question that we want a different and better 2018; be it in health, relationships, livelihood, finances, contribution, world affairs, or…?  I definitely feel the potent energy for dynamic, meaningful social change now, founded on and fueled by the inner revolution.

Do you sense a major shift happening or about to happen?

In my mind, the revolution is happening, as evidenced by:

  • Systems and structures rooted in patriarchy; power over, rugged individualism and profit at any cost, challenged, breaking down and ultimately dissipating
  • Rising visibility, influence and leadership of women in every sector. Vitalizing re-emergence of the Divine Feminine to restore balance and harmony on the planet.
  • Growing momentum of local, national and global movements for social change, human rights, environmental justice and peace 

How else do you see the revolution happening?

Revolution is never easy, just necessary and often messy. We’re in the messy stage, and the most potent.

The Inner Revolution

At this time, I am more aware of and sensitive to my own inner quest and internal unrest. Yet, it’s a refreshing adventure, discovering and requiring me to be more authentic, intuitive, creative and courageous as I consciously reclaim my power as a woman, an elder, entrepreneur and change agent. Therefore, expressing my true power is honoring my Soul’s Calling, making it clear who I’m called to be, what I’m called to do.  With what are you answering the call?  How are you choosing to show up for the Revolution? Revolution is not defined by combat or warfare, but rather a shared vision, disciplined focus, collective action and the energy of love, light and laughter. Moreover, tools to prepare for and sustain the revolution include BodyMindSpirit practices such as:

  • Affirmative Prayer
  • Meditation, Mindfulness
  • Yoga, Tai Chi
  • Creativity, Expressive Arts
  • Vision-Boarding, Soul Collage
  • Self-Care
  • Mastermind Group, Circles
  • Coach, Mentor, Licensed Practitioner

As well as support from your ancestors, allies, and angels. What tools or resources do you use or would like to use? My commitment to express my true power in and for the revolution also includes releasing people and things that don’t support my highest intentions, with openness to hear/consider other points of view; active engagement with like-hearted individuals and groups; recognizing and utilizing the talents, skills and unique gifts of each, as we organize, strategize and mobilize to make real of our shared vision. Regardless of appearances, divine right order, action and outcome is indeed occurring. Our task is to see the good, learn the lesson and recharge our faith, creativity, positive energy and unconditional love. We are the Revolution we seek! Are you ready for the Revolution? 

Additional Resources:

Are You Listening? Your Soul’s Calling Journal 

Releasing Stress, Creating Serenity A BodyMindSpirit Self-Care Primer for Busy Women 

Complimentary Strategy Session


“Understand that with a clear vision, positive attitude and focused plan of action, a small group of committed individuals can transform the world; one family, one school, one business, one neighborhood, one city, one state and one region at a time, until a vibrant network of love, peace and justice envelops and sustains the planet.”

- Harriet Tubman Wright

A New You in the New Year!

This past year has been particularly challenging for many of us. We’ve encountered unprecedented political mayhem, intensified weather patterns, heartbreaking losses and more. Very few of us have come through this year unscathed.  We’ve struggled, endured, risked, and also triumphed.

What have you to celebrate?

Many of us look to a New Year to bring us more of what we want in life:

  • radiant health and well-being
  • fruitful partnerships
  • positive family relationships
  • meaningful work
  • educational pursuits
  • financial abundance
  • travel opportunities
  • fulfilling volunteerism or hobby
  • something yet to be defined… 

In addition to delineating priorities and intentions for the New Year, I establish a theme. My theme for 2018 is “Free to Be”, which already feels liberating!

  • What is your theme for the New Year?
  • How would you like the New Year to be different? Or what are you willing to do differently? 
  • What are your compelling intentions or priorities? 
  • Is there something that you’ve been denying, postponing or keeping on the back burner? If so, what? 

If you’d like guidance or support to fuel your New Year planning, join:

The Wright Resort
“Planning and Manifesting Your Best Year”
Virtual Mini-Workshop

Thursday, December 28, 2017
10:00am – 11:30am Pacific
In the comfort of your home or office!

This Virtual Mini-Workshop is for you if:

  1. You’re not yet sure how to answer the preceding questions
  2. You’ve postponed personal or business planning for 2018
  3. You need specific guidelines and tools for effective personal or business planning
  4. You would like to experience planning for 2018 with/in a group of like-hearted women leaders and change agents

As a result of your active participation in the virtual mini-workshop, you can expect to:

  1. Experience the value of using creative, out-of-the-box planning tools
  2. Gain more clarity, confidence and motivation to create your best year
  3. Re-affirm what’s most important to be, do and have in the New Year

You may register at: and make a suggested donation$ of 35 – $75. Thereafter you’ll receive the virtual access info. Please note that registration ends Tuesday, Dec 26 at midnight, Pacific  Questions: I look forward to a FUN time planning with you! Happy New You! Harriet Tubman Wright

What Are You Harvesting This Season!

What Are You Harvesting This Season!

Quickly moving into the holiday season, I’ve been pondering the true meaning of Thanksgiving and why its celebrated. Like many of you, I look forward to fellowship and feasting with family and friends. This is peak travel season and merchandisers have been preparing for Black Friday. Yet for some, it’s a season of sadness with more people departing this life, some people feeling alienated from family, plus the stress of daily mainstream news and advertising blasts.

Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival. The “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621. The Pilgrims invited local Native Americans who contributed to the harvest feast which lasted for three days. For about 50 years the Pilgrims and Wampanoag, a local tribe, lived relatively harmoniously.

For others, Thanksgiving is a story of the slaughter of indigenous people, the theft of their land by European colonists and the early impacts of Christianity and Capitalism in America. Native blood: the truth behind the myth of “Thanksgiving Day

Whatever your perspective on the origins of Thanksgiving in America, it’s a significant harvest season holiday. What are you harvesting at this time? Some of you are reaping the harvest of your diligent efforts. Seeds that were planted at the beginning of the year, or maybe several years ago are now producing. You’ve either nurtured the seeds or you’ve neglected them.

Contemplate your current results:

  • How did you nurture, tend or cultivate the soil in which you planted your seeds?
  • What have your seeds produced?
  • Is there something else required now to reap your reward? 

Whether your harvest is bountiful or scarce, like it or not, you’ve harvested something!

Begin by making a gratitude list and watch it grow organically! 

“Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.” – Christiane Northrup

I’m grateful for my health, family, friends, home, educational pursuits, business evolution, spiritual journey and communities, creative endeavors, cultural diversity of my hometown, international travel and more, as well as the challenges through which I grow and learn. I express gratitude every day!

“Develop an attitude of gratitude and give thanks for everything that happens to you.” – Brian Tracy

Also, it’s not too early to gather seeds (identify intentions) for the New Year’s planting cycle (commitments).

Enjoy receiving and giving thanks!  Bountiful Blessings to you and yours!

Please share what you’re grateful for in the comment section below.