We all come to this world with a gift, a passion and purpose. Some of you discover and develop your gift as a young person. You know that you want to be an artist, musician, teacher, mechanic, airline pilot, military professional, tradesperson or business owner. As you pursue your interests, you may receive support and guidance from a parent, counselor or mentor.

How did you receive support and encouragement to pursue your passion? 

Or you may have been discouraged and told:

  • You need to get a college education first,
  • But we always thought you’d take over the family business,
  • You can’t make a living doing that,
  • I always dreamed you would…
  • Really?

Or what I heard: Go to college, so you can get a good job, so you don’t have to depend on a man. (Ask me if I’ve ever been married?)

What were you told when you expressed interest in a particular profession?

Perhaps you don’t recognize your gift or passion. You may not know that you have a purpose or what it is. Therefore, you go along with what’s expected of you. You might be OK living someone else’s dream or doing a job that drains your energy and joy. You might find yourself in a work environment that doesn’t utilize your true skills and talents. Eventually you become bored, frustrated and unhappy!

Have you been in this situation, going along with what’s expected, but deep inside feeling angry or even ill?

Contrast this situation with a person perhaps like you, doing something you like and enjoy, an activity that you could do all the time, one that lifts and lights you up. You feel deep passion for it and others can feel it too! You are so talented and good at it that over time you master it. People begin to identify you by your mastery, enthusiasm and passion! 

Do you know anyone like that? Are you someone like that? What are the qualities of a person living their passion or Soul’s Calling? 


They LOVE what they’re doing! They’re energy is magnetic; you’re drawn to them and feel great in their company. You want what they’ve got!

 Herein lies the first strategy to live a purposeful and prosperous life!

  1. Do What You Most Love! Develop Mastery. Be the Best at it! Excel in it!  Your perfect audience or client will be drawn to your magnetic energy and  enthusiasm. And they will pay royally to experience your magic and mastery!  Always seek opportunities for new learning and skills to evolve and thrive as you serve, empower and uplift others!
  1. Incorporate Self-Care and Soul-Care Practices on a daily basis to keep yourself healthy and whole in BodyMindSpirit. This includes spiritual practices like affirmative prayer or meditation that help you focus, gain clarity and confidence; quality time in nature to renew and refresh; and community with like-hearted people who share your values and vision.
  1. Work with a Mentor or Coach who can guide you to balance the overall vision with the practical action steps and tools to translate your vision into fruition. A skilled coach will keep you on track and accountable, so that you can joyfully celebrate your growth, wins and successes.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably doing what you most love, living your passion, fulfilling your Soul’s Calling. However, you may know people who aren’t doing so! Feel free to share this article with them and the opportunity to contact me for a Soul’s Calling Vision Session (SCVS) at: www.thewrighresort.com/contact After completing the 45-minute call they will have more clarity and motivation to fulfill their Soul’s Calling, thrive will serving others, and live a more purposeful and prosperous life!

“Live fully; joyfully demonstrating your passion and purpose. With trust and joyful expectation, plunge into each new venture, grateful for how you serve, what you learn and ways you grow!” – Harriet Tubman Wright