Spa Days

Spa Days

-freshness of the season’s first rainfall…
– sunrise streaming through the redwoods…an afternoon on the warm sand,
listening to the waves…dew on a spring blossom…
– deep, slow breathing…a soothing soak with lavender oil by candlelight…
-lounging on the hammock strung between palm trees…
-a relaxing massage to melt away the tension…the aroma of fresh mint…
-pure water with a squeeze of lemon…warm cinnamon spice tea…
-time to smell the roses…


As women, our lives often revolve around meeting the needs of others; our partners, families, bosses, colleagues, and friends.  Sometimes we put ourselves on the back burner, or lose sight of ourselves and our needs, while serving and supporting others.

  • When do you make quality time for yourself?
  • How do you create time-out and time-off for yourself?
  • Where do you go to be still, be silent and just “be”?

Creating quality time for yourself to simply “be” is not a selfish act, but a loving one that enables you to honor yourself and your gifts; then serve and support others from a place of strength, authenticity, vigor and vitality.


The Wright Resort Spa Day is for women to:
  • Enjoy a customized “TIME FOR ME” affordable, nurturing, fun get-away
  • Take time and space away from the normal demands of job, business and family
  • Experience the pampering spa treatments of your choice; healthy nourishing tasty cuisine; refreshing nature setting; roundtrip van transportation and the company of like-hearted sisters
The Wright Resort Spa Day benefits:
  • Transform stress to serenity, rushing to relaxing and frustration to fun
  • Return home renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated…in a word,


-Are you ready for quality “me time” now?

-Does a day of “pampering pleasures” entice you to decide and act?

-How would this opportunity be for your sister-friends, sorority or colleagues?


Stay tuned and plan to participate in the next Spa Day for Pampering & Relaxation.

You Are Worth It!   You Deserve It!   You Can Have It!