Free Journal

By Harriet Tubman


“I took another plunge by signing-up for Harriet’s Money, Marketing and Soul™ Coaching 3-Session Package, and dove deeper than I have ever done before! An unexpected healing came up for me. I am walking, talking and interacting more confidently and boldly and happily than ever before!!! Thank you, Harriet!!!!”

-Katie Adler
Voice Over Artist, Tokyo, Japan

“Harriet’s “Transform Your Relationship With Money” Tele-Seminar offers an extraordinary and effective approach. I already feel lighter, freer, and more “connected” to abundance. I’ve removed big blocks I wasn’t aware of, and I am certain that new prosperity is flowing into my life right now!”

-Jeannie Guillot
Founder, The Dream Stream Magical Mentor for Your Dream Career and Business

“Thank you – it was the money class that really “cracked me open” in SO many ways – it assisted in my growth and was LIFE-CHANGING. I learned life-changing beliefs that are creating the prosperity that I am experiencing and enjoying now. Harriet’s facilitation and guidance is in integrity and high-quality.”

-Tovi Scruggs
M.Ed., Educational Leader, Consultant & Speaker

“I took another plunge by signing-up for Harriet’s Money, Marketing and Soul™ Coaching 3-Session Package, and dove deeper than I have ever done before! An unexpected healing came up for me. I am walking, talking and interacting more confidently and boldly and happily than ever before!!! Thank you, Harriet!!!!”

-Jerri Lange
Author, Jerri A Black Woman’s Life in the Media, Broadcast Professional, Professor, Media Consultant, Producer

“However the most incredible outcome is that once I had officially resigned from my international employer, the very next week an opportunity that perfectly fit my ‘brand’ and my unique brilliance came to me, out of the blue. Call on Harriet if you want to be reconnected to yourself, realigned with the universe and attract its bounty.”

-Elizabeth D. Gibbons
Global Policy Strategist Author, Sanctions in Haiti, Human Rights and Democracy under Assault

“Harriet has a beautiful combination of characteristics. She’s a good listener, a perceptive questioner, and an active companion for a change. Working with her makes me feel supported, and I know she will not let me get away with lying to myself or dragging my feet.”

-Adriana Diaz
MA, CPC Certified Professional Coach

“I had no idea that it would be so powerful an experience. The techniques and tools I learned during the VIP Intensive will help me now and in the future. I would recommend it to anyone who is not sure regarding next move.”

-Deborah Wafer
MPH, CEO DW Strategic Solutions, LLC

“Absolutely, positively, my work with Harriet laid the foundation, served as the inspiration/catalyst, set the stage for forward movement toward the development of a clear single vision and mission for my livelihood, my ministry, and my life. Not only is the process supporting forward moving, but it lends itself to increasing Faith — in the process, in myself, and in my Source.”

-Angela L. Mack
Chief Empowerment Officer

"Before I had the VIP Private Intensive with Harriet, I was so stressed and out of control, pushing myself working almost 7 days a week in my business. Besides gaining more balance and fun in my life, the greatest gift was Harriet believing in me and helping me believe in myself and see what’s truly possible for me.”

-Linda Burke

BodyMindSpirit Empowerment Salons

BodyMindSpirit Empowerment Salons are workshops and retreats for mature women professionals, entrepreneurs and managers to enhance and sustain your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, connect with like-minded women and build community.

Empowerment Salons include accountability, coaching and ongoing support for participants. This dynamic format enables you to experience the fundamentals of a bodymindspirit theme and integrate it in your life. In doing so you create an attitude shift, instill a behavioral change and incorporate new practices to sustain long-lasting benefits.

“Beautifully conceived and executed. You are a wonder of organization and clarity.  Thank you.”

- Lynne Elizabeth, Founder, New Village Press

Benefits of an Empowerment Salon

Within a safe and supportive environment, participants are empowered to:
  • Learn new skills and implement new practices
  • Deepen motivation and momentum to take decisive action
  • Be accountable and take breakthrough actions to move forward
  • Cultivate relationships, support networks, and community
  • Discover practical solutions while receiving tangible support
  • Leverage time, information and resources shared among the group
  • Celebrate wins and successes with community

“Good way to get focused and also to have accountability. It also relaxed me enough to be able to come up with fresh new ideas.”

- Suzanne Briley, Founder, Garden Doualas

“Over the top! Over the top…as I knew it would be. Great helpful information…insightful…inspiring…engaging…fun… You are always so generous with your sharing of practical ‘hands-on’ approaches and strategies that makes your information doable. Gifted and talented…that’s who you are!”

- Marion ‘Miss M’ Smith, RScP, Educator


Fruits of the Feminine – Cultivating a Legacy of Leadership to Evolve Ourselves and Our World

Claim your divine feminine qualities; share your gift and step into your greatness to restore balance and wholeness in your families, organizations and communities. Discover or enhance your leadership qualities.

Release Stress, Create Serenity – Simple Tools for Healthy Living

Learn stress release strategies and self-care practices to boost your bodymindspirit health and well-being. Create a personal plan of action to apply your learning with resources to maintain healthy living practices.

Altar Your Life with Spirit & Style™ – A Hands-On Experience

Learn to create & use an altar to focus & energize your dreams and desires. You will experience practical ways that your own customized altar can support you to attain creative solutions and powerful results in your life.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience! I am impressed by your loving, down-home, and unique personality, and by the way you organized this very meaningful event that is helping me evolve into my greatness! Your follow-through before and follow-up after are exceptional.

- Carmen Stone

“I really loved your leadership and I loved the amazing women who attended that I met. Some incredible connections… So much passion and creativity.”

- Morganne Maher