Are You Positioning Yourself to Succeed This Year?

by | May 30, 2017 | Evolution, Inspire, Lifestyle | 3 comments

These days it feels like time is accelerating. We’re at the mid-year point!  Many of you set intentions or made commitments at the start of the year, some of which you’ve fulfilled or perhaps even forgotten. You may also have intentions yet to be realized. And you’ve probably taken on additional commitments.

This is an ideal time to assess progress.

  • To what extent have I met my milestones?
  • Do I need to re-assess my intentions and timetable?
  • Are there new opportunities that I want to integrate into my Action Plan? 

As a result of assessing my progress or lack thereof, I’m reminded that when I:

  • Honor what’s most important to me by focusing time, energy and resources on my priorities I’m more productive and prosperous.
  • Maintain healthy boundaries and spend quality time to develop, promote and fill relevant programs, I feel more energized and optimistic.
  • Avoid letting other people’s agendas distract me from handling my own agenda I’m less resentful and more centered.
  • Allow others to carry out the tasks they’re best trained to do, while I concentrate on the activities I’m best suited to handle, I’m definitely less frantic and more fruitful.
  • Stay focused on one project at a time to completion, or at least to a measurable, tangible outcome, I’m closer to fulfilling my intention.

Can you relate to any of these situations?  Are there factors other than emergencies that are preventing you from fulfilling your Intentions?

You may feel excited and grateful about accomplishing what you committed to do. I encourage you to celebrate! Or you may be discouraged because you’ve fallen short of your expectations.

You might be maintaining familiar habits that provide the illusion of security but keep you stuck or under-achieving.

You probably know that seeking the right help can make the difference between letting yourself or others down and joyfully realizing your intentions.

If staying on track to make progress, reach milestones and fulfill intentions is truly important for you, and you’re willing to be held accountable for empowering results, schedule a complimentary Seeding Success Strategy Session with me at:  This is a 45-minute phone session during which we’ll clarify the issues and obstacles, plus explore possibilities to shift your perspective and results. You’ll gain more clarity and confidence, plus feel more motivated!

“Take pleasure in your life’s natural unfolding and evolving. Appreciate the challenges and milestones of the journey. Delight in reaching your destiny. Celebrate it all!  – Harriet Tubman Wright

Treat yourself to this opportunity for growth, empowerment, and success TODAY!  I already affirm you preparing to triumph!

Finally, please see my beautiful new website:  More to follow…


  1. Mieasha

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I Would like to have a phone call with you.

  2. Sheryl

    I’m on the journey I’d planned for 2017, but I have difficulty letting other people’s agendas get in the way of my own. I’m not resentful, but it really slows down my progress. I need to learn to say “no”. I’m also feeling a bit self-conscious due to health issues I’m dealing with because they’re physically obvious and it lowers my self-esteem when interviewing for jobs. Other than that, I’m always feeling blessed for you and your guidance and timely inspiration; for family and opportunities that keep me living and wanting achievement.

  3. Alia Chandler

    Dear Harriet,
    I love the new format! I’m not only on-track, I’m including aspects of my joyous expression that I never saw coming at the beginning of this year. In May I added dancing back into my life after an absence of 12 years. This month, I was tapped, along with another woman, for sharing the Kitchen Coordinator role here at Lost Valley Community.I made an “Intention Collage” on New Year’s Day. It sparkles at me as I type this. Love Peace Beauty Home and Nourishing Great Togetherness in Community — it’s all happening! Now I have a question: When do I get my laundry done? I’ll return to you magnificent questions and see if I can find a clue there. Thank you Dear One, Alia


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