Articles by Harriet

Articles by Harriet

Proven Strategies to Stay Healthy and Happy While Navigating the Holiday Season

The holiday season can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride from anxiety to exuberance to depression, all within a matter of weeks. Attitudes change as temperatures drop and colder weather sets in. In North America while we may experience an abundant harvest time, nature is actually slowing down and animals are preparing to hibernate. Yet many people are caught in a consumption frenzy, rushing through shopping malls, overwhelming themselves physically and financially.

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What Are You Harvesting This Season!

Quickly moving into the holiday season, I’ve been pondering the true meaning of Thanksgiving and why its celebrated. Like many of you, I look forward to fellowship and feasting with family and friends. This is peak travel season and merchandisers have been preparing for Black Friday. Yet for some, it’s a season of sadness with more people departing this life, some people feeling alienated from family, plus the stress of daily mainstream news and advertising blasts.

Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival. The “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621. The Pilgrims invited local Native Americans who contributed to the harvest feast which lasted for three days. For about 50 years the Pilgrims and Wampanoag, a local tribe, lived relatively harmoniously.

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If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

In recent weeks I’ve been reflecting on the good, bad and ugly of 2017. Given the acceleration and intensity of challenging changes within and around us, it’s essential to ground and center myself in truth. This means to demonstrate who I truly am, what I firmly believe and how I honestly feel. Thus, I take conscious action in alignment with my vision and values, to change what’s not working, that which no longer serves or supports me, or the world.

In challenge and crisis is opportunity and possibility, and most of all choice. You can choose to focus on what you deem wrong, complain and blame someone or something else for the state that you’re in. You can choose to let the challenges overwhelm and paralyze you, believing you’re powerless. Or, you can choose to take conscious action in partnership or collaboration with others committed to be the change they want to see and live, in this lifetime.

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Moving Through This Final Quarter Triumphantly

This year has been particularly challenging and stressful for many of us. We’ve encountered unprecedented political mayhem, intensified weather catastrophes, heart-breaking losses and more. Very few if any of us have come through 2017 unscathed! We’ve resisted, endured, risked and also triumphed.

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Are Constant Prayer and Conscious Action Enough?

Although I’m generally positive, looking for the good in situations that are challenging, difficult or just crazy; I’m troubled by the intensified global warming disasters and aghast by the series of regressive executive orders coupled with raucous pontifications, social media antics and immoral activities, instigated by White House operatives who are shored up by private and corporate billionaires. Perhaps you’ve also been shaken up or shaken “woke!”

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Your Soul Yearns to Be Free!

You and I have a divine purpose, a Soul’s Calling to be and do our best, sharing our unique brilliance, and doing what we most love in highest service to others. In this way, you and I live purposeful, passionate and powerful lives. We are fulfilled and free.

However, some of you spend a lifetime ignoring or not fulfilling your soul’s calling.

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Soul Awakening – A New Beginning

We’re quickly approaching the final quarter of 2017. What a year it’s been!

• How would you describe your year so far?

In some parts of the world, students are back in classes adapting to the rigors of academic life. Entrepreneurs are planning their programs, events and projections for 2018. Citizens in the US are engaged in activities to promote/support Democrats up for election or re-election in 2018. Astrologers and Numerologists tell us the long-term impact of the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse will occur over the next few months.

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Eclipse to Evolution Soul Awakening

The New Moon Solar Eclipse of August 21 was a big deal, for the world and particularly for those in the US, since many people saw totality and most saw a partial view of the eclipse; assuming clear skies!

This particular eclipse was said to be a gateway or portal, a time of intense change, big shifts, a potent time for healing individually and collectively. It was an opportunity to reset and release. We were encouraged to look at our shadow side, to release old beliefs, stuck patterns and behaviors not in alignment with our true essence and highest good, on a personal and collective level.

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Live Your Dream, Demonstrate Your Life Purpose & Fulfill Your Destiny Now!

• Do you remember your childhood dream of what you wanted to be when you grew up?
• Can you recall how excited you felt imagining your happy life, doing what you most loved?
• Are you living that dream expressing your passion or sharing your gift?

If not, why not? If not now, when?

“Planted in the soul of each individual is the seed of greatness.” – Dana LaMon

The world is in crisis, as are our families, communities and institutions. We are in a state of breakdown and transformation in every sector of society. Some of our broken systems in government, commerce, education can’t be fixed…they simply don’t work, don’t serve or support us, and this is why they are falling apart!

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Is Neglecting Your Soul Causing You Stress?

“Stress is being out of alignment, balance, circulation by not honoring or expressing your true nature, divine purpose and innate creativity, a condition that leads to disorder and dis-ease in body, mind and spirit; and is reflected in your external environment.” – Harriet Tubman Wright

Imagine living your life with the seed of genius and magnificence dormant, never realized or fulfilled?

In my own life, as I sought to find and fulfill my purpose, I accepted jobs and assignments that helped me earn a living to support myself and my son. I excelled in some jobs and languished in others, ultimately recognizing that I was not being all I was meant to be or doing what I really yearned to do.

In my work with mature women career professionals and entrepreneurs who feel undervalued, frustrated and stressed, I believe that a fundamental cause of the stress is not knowing and/or accepting your soul’s calling or life purpose.

Not honoring that deep inner desire, the creative impulse, your true calling denies you and the world your greatest gift(s).

Imagine the seed that is never planted and not allowed to fulfill its innate purpose to grow, into a flower or food?

Imagine the egg that is not nurtured to maturity so that a new life is brought forth?

Imagine a world without the (r)evolutionary pioneers, artists, scientists, educators, leaders and other cultural creatives who by expressing their soul’s calling, sharing their unique brilliance, and making profound contributions to uplift humanity in myriad ways?

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