Harriet Tubman Wright

“The inner safari is the most
profound adventure through
which we heal, grow,
thrive and prosper.”
~ Harriet Tubman Wright

The Wright Resort 2017 WELCOME Message

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“Just as Harriet Tubman was called to free hundreds of people from the bondage of slavery, I am called to help heal, empower and transform individuals by creating a safe and supportive environment to create, serve, prosper and evolve. As we attain sustainable balance and harmony between our inner and outer environments, and experience deeper joy and peace within, we can and will heal ourselves and our planet.” ~ Harriet Tubman Wright


Harriet Tubman Wright passionately guides and supports mature women entrepreneurs, managers and advocates to cultivate their leadership legacy, contributing their talents, skills and resources to help liberate people and evolve the planet.

If you are a mature woman entrepreneur, manager or woman in transition seeking to:

  • evolve yourself
  • re-claim who you truly are
  • re-define how you want to show up at this vital time in your life…

Let’s talk! Let’s determine the best way that I can help liberate you to be and do your best.

Schedule your Seeding Success Strategy Session now!

We empower you to enrich your life, your clients and community.

  • VIP Private Intensives and Coaching
  • Women’s Leadership Cultivation Circles
  • Transformational Talks & Presentations
  • Holistic Organization Consulting Services
  • BodyMindSpirit Empowerment Salons 

…consciously and creatively liberating you to navigate these challenging times with courage, ease and grace.

Curious? Challenged? Compelled?

Let’s talk! Schedule your Seeding Success Strategy Session now!

When you invest in yourself and dwell in the adventure, beauty and wisdom that defines Harriet Tubman Wright and The Wright Resort, you can expect to:

  • Evolve yourself and your contributions to those you lead, serve or support
  • Enhance your BodyMindSpirit health & well-being
  • Expand your consciousness and creativity

Be free and fulfilled in the bliss and bounty of liberation from the inside out.


aligned spheres“We work from within ourselves toward higher consciousness, greater freedom, and more complex order to effect a change in the world, first and foremost through our personal evolution.”
~ Barbara Marx Hubbard






I am an Evolutionary Entrepreneur, clear that my purpose is to liberate individuals, businesses and organizations to help them evolve, prosper and make a positive contribution to humanity and the planet.

The Conscious Evolution Movement is growing as systems and structures based on greed and exploitation are dissolving.  Many people recognize that we cannot persist down the road that has gotten us to this crisis stage in our development as a culture and a species.

Spiritual evolution will take us to the next level; and a way of being that honors the divine feminine, the intuitive, the tending and nurturing qualities that foster cooperation and collaboration.  I envision a society that values creativity, respects children and elders, and a culture that learns from ancient and indigenous cultures to live in harmony with each other, Mother Earth and other sentient beings.

As conscious entrepreneurs, spirit-rich and heart-centered entrepreneurs and executives who want to serve, make a difference and help empower others to make a difference, it is imperative that we:

  • evolve our work and share our gifts in an authentic way, congruent with values and practices that help heal humanity and the planet.
  • translate our services and products, our purchasing decisions, event venue choices, and other vendor selections into ecologically and economically viable options.
  • be the example of conscious living for our families, colleagues, clients and customers

I invite you to explore and define your role in this ever-changing, ever-evolving world, as we continue our personal and collective journey, as we plant seeds, create new stories and welcome new possibilities, with reverence, gratitude and joy.




“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman




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